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pit firing 10.09.10


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pit fired revealed

Results of pit firing done on 10.09.10


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pit firing 10.09.10

tying twine

pots submerged!


Home-cooked meal after the hard work

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Some adults grow older and wiser…

Some adults grow older and wiser,

some adults just grow older & older.

I’m thankful for some learned friends who introduced me to Maxine Greene.  In particular, a refrain stays in my mind:

“I am what I am not yet.  There is always a book I didn’t finish … a painting I didn’t work on …”

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Wood-firing @ Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln

We did a 3-days 2 nights wood-firing  @ Thow Kwang Pottery from 14 to 16 November 2008.  The firing was planned for 61 hours but  we only managed  55 hours. Nonetheless, we were able to reach the desired temperature and managed to do 2 bouts of salting at the 4th & 5th stoke holes.

Following, we unloaded the products on the 23rd with great anticipation of the surprising effcts of wood-firing.  My most favourite cluster was the 5 busts made by Tuan Yong, Tia, Yulianti, Hua Hoong & myself.

5 by 5

5 by 5

Another intriguing outcome – the unexpected effects arising out of sagger firing.  I found  organic growths on the lips of 2 pots.  Apparently, they have been caused by the sea weeds which I have placed at & around the rims.
potsin saggars

pots in saggars

Fire, together with other reactive agents, is the transforming force. 

Below are snapshots of some effects arising out of the wood firing:

different environments different effects

different environments different effects

The pot on the left was fired in a normal wood-firing environment, the middle & rightmost pots are fired in saggars containing straws and orange peels.

organic growth due to seaweeds placed there

organic growth due to seaweeds placed there

organic growth on rim due to seaweed

organic growth on rim due to seaweed

heavy ash deposits on windward side of pot

heavy ash deposits on windward side of pot

 heavier 'sesame seed' ash deposits on windward side on bust

heavier 'sesame seed' ash deposits on windward side on bust

dry, under-fired ash deposits, reddish flush observed

dry, under-fired ash deposits, reddish flush observed


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Pecha kucha proposal

Working on Fusionpolis project

Working on Fusionpolis project

Q: What drives you as an artist and art teacher?
A: Simply said, it’s passion, passion and passion.

Q: What are you passionate about in art?
A: Experimenting with the various creative means at my disposal. Essentially, I like to experiment with different media and techniques and let the results surprise me.

Q: How do you maintain the drive?
A: Putting aside time to realize my creative pursuits e.g. going up to Thow Kuang pottery jungle on Sundays to unwind and make art; being with like-minded friends and riding on one another’s creative energy synergistically – our recent collaborative “fusionpolis” project is one of many positive outcomes. And not forgetting the Sunday breakfast sessions on every first Sunday of the month to partake in delicious food under the banyan tree.

Q: How have exploring and innovating in your own art making help you as an art teacher?
A: It increases the repertoire of techniques that I can teach my pupils. It keeps the adventurous spirit alive; it sustains the sense of wonderment and curiosity and it helps me hone my skill.

Q: What do you want to share with other teachers to inspire them to practice despite the constraints?
A: Make time for yourself, take your time spent with your pupils as moments of experimenting with media and techniques which you may incorporate into your own work; love what you are doing and do what you love – this definitely contributes to work-life balance for it erodes boundary between both

Q: Do you make soap?
A: No, but I make art, pots …

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Ceramic Sculpture Workshop @ Toa Payoh West Community Club

Happenings during the first of 8 lessons.  The teacher is Mr Tay Swee Siong.

class watch demo


Tuan Yong hard at work, while Mr Tay demonstates to Mr Wong

tr demo 3

Mr Tay doing the demonstration

notes on board

Notes on facial proportions

tr demo

Trying to effect a resemblance of the model, Veronica

tr demo 2

Modelling the facial features

bust side w model 3

Refining the facial features

7 sec 3 pupils and I had a fun time together visiting the Singapoe Art Museum(SAM), 8Q, Lee Kong chian Reference Library & Art Friend.

At SAM and 8Q, we viewed exhibitions “The Artists Village:20years on”, “Accelerate: Chinese Contemporay Art”, “8Q-Rate: School” & “Misriadi:Black is my last weapon”. Basically, the trip was to investigate how different artists approach their art-making. Hopefully, the trip has been an eye-opener for the pupils. 

” The Artists Village:20years on” is a nostalgic reflection of my encounter with The Artists Village people and it was good to have a friendly chat with Shih Yaw & Nguan How.  “Accelerate: Chinese Contemporay Art” was an eye opener of how far Art in China has progressed- a refreshing perspective.   “Misriadi:Black is my last weapon” shows an Indonesian artist who is gaining more attention in the region & at local Art Auctions.  He is a very competent. I find the interjection of  Malay scripts adds greater conceptual depth to  his work.

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breakfast@thow kwang pottery jungle

Morning breakfast first Sunday, July


This place is my weekly retreat where I find solace in nature & commune with like-minded friends.

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Taiwan trip

Round the island Trip with Singapore Teachers’ Society 05 – 17 Dec 2007

Highlight:  Singapore Teachers’ Art Society Exhibition, “Breakthrough 09 – 16 Dec 2007

Some other highlights …

Don't cross the red line
Don’t !

Don’t cross the line!  In life, there will always be some OB markers.

Why do I use this image for the masthead of my blog?

It is an expression that deeply embedded in my psyche are some OB markers, entrenched as a result of  indoctrination and social conditioning.


a life saver

a life saver

When in luck,a life saver may be just near by.